There’s only one thing with less than four legs that can hear this rebel transmission, and that’s you.

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Music, now available for free download.

Please enjoy seven minutes and fifteen seconds of submitting your will to me.

“Hulk Theme”
Lex Vader-Hulk Theme.mp3 (1:08)
[128 kbps, 1.04 MB]
This was written because the movie Hulk themes don’t sound very angry or powerful or green. The descending scale thing is like a mad science theme. I don’t know what the weird Eastern thing is about. I like it, but for Hulk? The Lonely Man theme is just Bruce Banner. There wasn’t really a HULK theme. So I wrote a short one. It’s extendable, but this is like the TV version.

“The Wind”
Lex Vader-The Wind.mp3 (1:12)
[128 kbps, 1.11 MB]
A short song written for a video to make it less boring. Based on the description of a sound recording that said, “A dog starts barking when the door bell rings.” Sound effect of wind from where the description also came from.

“Paul Mhazzcartney”
Lex Vader-Paul Mhazzcartney.mp3 (0:33)
[128 kbps, 524 KB]
A song written for omgmhazzrocks, a horrible witch who forces me to do things for her with black magic. Actually written by Paul McCartney, but as he had a cold and decided to sing in a ridiculous voice, he asked me to take credit for it since he was too embarrassed that it sounded nothing like him.

“This Is Not A Long Happy Song, Just My Life”
Lex Vader-This Is Not A Long Happy Song, Just My Life.mp3 (1:39)
[128 kbps, 1:51 MB]
You can call this one “Not A Happy Song” for short. Based on the Song Fu challenge, this was written entirely with ten words. Those words are: snausage, penguin, facilitate, bemoan, artichoke, faucet, settee, hairpiece, lemon, and infinitesimal.

“It All Makes Sense At The End”
Lex Vader-It All Makes Sense At The End.mp3 (2:43)
[128 kbps, 2.5 MB]
Also based on a Song Fu challenge, this song is comprised only of anagrams of the title (a terrible idea which I shall only attempt again as a means of torture). Written using the Internet Anagram Server and an incredible tolerance for pain.

I refuse to upload “Box Song” because it’s shit, and for other reasons which will one day become apparent. Also not available: “Limerick 4 Lauren” and “Fringe Theme The Pattern.”

Music hosted on SoundClick. Sorry about the filenames. If you like, you can paste the filenames from this post.

I will kill you all.

Lex Vader, President of the Sith

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