Deal With The Devil

June 10, 2009 at 2:26 AM | Posted in Music | 1 Comment

I was considering entering the MySpace Toyota Music, er, Rock the Space contest. Until I read the official rules, which state that the “Contest Entities” can use not only your song, but your name, likeness, voice, quotes, biographical information, and photograph for anything they want, FOREVER, without any restrictions. Really? I don’t know who the “Contest Entities” are. It could be Hitler. It could be the BNP. It could be Vogons. It could be SATAN. Or it could just be MySpace and Toyota. But they could apparently, legally, turn me into a cartoon mascot and use me or my song for “eternity” and I get nothing? NOOOOOOO. Not an acceptable contract there, snacky! Nobody makes Lex Vader a mascot except LEX VADER! I mean… it would give me a good reason to destroy Toyota and MySpace.

They bother to say, for seemingly no reason, they’re not responsible for any infringement of your submission because they might be developing “similar ideas.” Right, when has MySpace ever had an idea? Supposedly even though they have non-exclusive ETERNAL rights to use your song, they had to go out of their way to say that they can also RIP OFF your song too. Say I write a song about a rubber duck, and then they come out with the Rubber Duck In A Toyota Yaris Show available exclusively on MySpace. Yep, they can do that. (Because it was a coincidence.)

Here I was worried about the potential recording contract (I don’t really want it, presuming any nasty caveats or mandatory duties, thank you) and it turns out they can STEAL MY IDENTITY. And that applies to ALL entrants, not just the winner. Call me paranoid. I like to think of it as wise. But that’s not even worth $10,000. It’s certainly not worth NOTHING.

The fact is, they didn’t HAVE to include all these things in the contract. The “not liable for infringement” is standard, but they didn’t have to claim your identity and any and all song submissions as their own, non-exclusively or not. (Great, I can give my identity to somebody else too?)

I can’t wait to see the thousands of new songs that appear on their commercials without credit. Have fun with that, kids. Shoulda read the fine print.

Evil of the Month Award goes to “The Contest Entities.” Congratulations!

P.S. – Only a Doctor Who villain would call itself “The Contest Entities.”

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  1. Hey there! :D I really like your march entry for the Song Fu contest. I’ll be stalking you now, ‘kay? <3

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