1, 2, Song-Fu!

June 16, 2009 at 1:24 PM | Posted in Music | 1 Comment

I wrote FIVE SONGS for this week’s challenge …so far. And call me a cheater, but the best one is the one I wrote before I read the challenge. (gasp!) Okay, back up the hate train, mister! (Wait, do trains back up?) The song I wrote I wrote sans instruments (with my… mouthbrain) specifically for Song Fu, because I was thinking about how I needed a much better song than the last two. Those were a bit slow, and not funny/cool/catchy/pop enough, whatever. So I wrote a song about how in Heaven, you get to watch all the Playboy Channel you watched as a teen, but unscrambled. That was the whole thing, pretty much. I changed the lyrics to something about Coke when I was getting a Coke. (Seriously, I actually do that. Like a lot. Welcome to me.)

I didn’t read the challenge when it was posted, I waited a few hours, and I’m pretty sure I only wrote the song a few hours before I read the challenge, meaning I wrote it around the time it was posted, just before I had actually read it. Hoping, naturally, that the challenge wouldn’t contradict what I wrote. And in fact it fit perfectly, because I only wrote a verse and a chorus, and only had to repeat that once. I don’t think it’s cheating because I didn’t really have any extra time to write it, and didn’t record anything. It’s not like I’m using a song I spent six months on.

Really, the “write a standard song” part is basically saying “write a song,” which I do all the time. That’s a specification, and a generic one at that, not part of the challenge because it’s not even a restriction (okay, don’t write a movie, write a song). The challenge part is to make it exactly a minute. And the challenge for me is to write an awesome song that not only fits exactly a minute, but that doesn’t ever need to be longer. I wrote a song intended to be an awesome Song Fu song, and this is it.

I’ve changed the lyrics to something so awesome it almost can’t be stated in words. Which is to say, it can. The reason I like this better than the other FOUR songs I wrote is because this was simply the best song I wrote today. I didn’t completely use up my awesome. My first idea just happened to be too good to beat. The other songs are great, mind you, but only one of them makes the slightest bit of sense in its current form. The songs are basically done except for arrangement, recording, and lyrics, so I believe they will all be finished eventually. I want to finish this song and then see if I can write anything more. I’m guessing I won’t, but who knows. Five songs a day will be a bit much, but I need album filler anyway. (I didn’t say that.)

Honestly, this is my favorite song I’ve ever written. I probably say that about every song I write, and I never expect my next song to be even better, but I keep saying it is.

Still need to do more research to find the perfect lyrics for the second verse(s). I seriously want to hump this song till it has song babies.

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  1. I’m planning on writing multiples for this round too.
    I also thought the phrasing of the challenge was a bit anachronistic. Write a standard? Maybe with a supplied jazz trio and time machine…

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