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July 17, 2009 at 5:06 AM | Posted in Music | 1 Comment

Well just call me H.T. McFailerson the Third. I started this blog for my musicalish projects, and I haven’t been making any posts about that.

So if you don’t know (whoever you are), I have a Time Lord Rock project called Time Agency that does songs about Doctor Who. There’s a track on the upcoming Trock On compilation, out August 6th. Which you can get on Amazon and, I dunno, somewhere else.

Because of that, I’m working on an album that people can give me money (or sex) for. It’s called Giant Robots and Other Nonsense. Since I have albums planned for each season of Doctor Who (just the new series, I’m not crazy), this album features songs about all of the specials, and also general songs not specific to any episode. I’m doing this album first so I can include “Giant Robot,” which is about the last Christmas special, “The Next Doctor.”

Currently, there are 14 songs planned. Seven about the various specials and non-television episodes, and seven general songs. Only three remain to be written at all. Originally I had planned to do a mini-album including remixes of “Giant Robot,” but with the overflow of songs, I have enough for a full album and there will probably just be a single new version of “Giant Robot.” If you want the old version, buy Trock On. I might do a few other versions as a “single,” but I’m too busy working on new stuff right now.

I already have an early version of what is possibly the album’s closing track, called “His Name Is The Doctor,” which sounds a little like early New Order or Echo and the Bunnymen, or other things I’m not aware of. Right now I’m working on “Space Pirates,” inspired by the cartoon episode, “The Infinite Quest.” The song is in the style of Kraftwerk, and rather than try to do a single pastiche, I’m doing a pastiche of the singles. The song will have multiple parts, each based on a different Kraftwerk song from their career, ending with a piratey accordion in space. (It may well be Kraftwerkian in length.)

The opening track is still up in the air. (This album, unlike the rest, does not have a fixed or chronological track order.) The idea was to have each album open with the “electronic scream,” leading into a (time lord) rocking song. Potentially that could work for any type of song as long as it’s a strong, upbeat track. “Regeneration” might be a contender, as the short demo already sounds amazing and absurdly professional. But I think a fast rock song would be more suitable. (The next album opens with reggae.)

Mind you, the album is not all going to be like “Giant Robot.” There’s rock, pop, post-punk, electronic, dance, weird, emo, and even a piano song. And yes, me singing. (Although “Giant Robot” is me singing.) If you like music, well… music will be on here.

You will be able to buy and enjoy this album even if you don’t already like Doctor Who (unless you hate it), just like you can buy a They Might Be Giants album even if you don’t already like particle men, puppet heads, chess piece faces, purple toupees, racist friends, evil twins, spiders, mammals, hypnotists, spies, dirt bikes, or James K. Polk. Okay? Make sense? Good.

No, I don’t have a release date planned. I don’t want to say anything, not even “soon,” because of how that worked out for Chameleon Circuit. Let’s just say I wouldn’t be surprised if the album cover alone takes a month, because I want it to be pretty epic since I can only do it once. (Barring unprecedented fame and a future special edition re-release.)

Trock on, pink weasels.

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  1. ‘K. I hope it goes well for you. :D

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