DVD Reviews #1: Watchmen (Director’s Cut) (2009)

January 22, 2010 at 10:38 AM | Posted in Based on a Comic, DVD Reviews | 1 Comment

Deleted Scene Man hypnotizes the audience into buying The Ultimate Cut.

I rented the theatrical cut of this last year, so I don’t remember what was different shot-for-shot. There’s no commentary on this, so that didn’t clue me in. But as far as I could tell, the main new stuff is Dr. Manhattan evaporating everyone in the TV studio before going to Mars, and that owl guy seeing it on the news (I’m so good with names), as well as more about the original owl guy’s fate. The majority of the new footage is not until halfway through this monster of a film.


This is one of those movies I’d have a hard time actually reviewing. It’s Watchmen. Either you’ve seen it, or you suck. Where this cut differs is not particularly my area of expertise. So I can at least say it doesn’t take anything away from the film. If you’re going to buy a director’s cut, you’re either a fool expecting more fight scenes (which sometimes you get), or you like the movie enough that you’ll sit through a longer version to see the director’s fuller vision.

The reason I didn’t want the “Ultimate Cut” is that I don’t want a fucking cartoon in the middle of the movie. It’s a movie. On film. A moviefilm. I don’t care how good the cartoon is, it’s not part of the moviefilm. I will probably get it eventually just for the commentary, but when I watch the film, I will most likely watch this version.

None. There is no fucking commentary. Zak Snyder is no Mark Steven Johnson, who will do a separate commentary for each version.

Well, the bonus features are pretty damn scant for a 2-disc DVD, although you can tell this is “cheap” not “collectible” when you open the box and see that they saved money on plastic by making it full of holes.

“The Phenomenon” is a basic half-hour featurette about the comic and the story, with a lot of clips from the motion comic and a lot of interviews. It’s not dull, but I’m sure actually reading the comic is more engaging.

There are also eleven Watchmen video journals, totalling about 36 minutes. Most of the tidbits are interesting, but half an hour of footage for a three-hour movie isn’t too significant when only three or four minutes are spent on each subject.

The only other material is a weak music video from My Chemical Fallout Boy or whoever, pretending to be a punk band.

NOT AT ALL “mind-blowing special features” like the box says.

The Ultimate Cut collects all the bonus features from this disc, the Black Freighter disc, the Motion Comic disc, and whatever else there is, adding maybe two exclusive new features. But I’m guessing any of the extras on their own are just as insubstantial as what’s here.


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  1. Lex:

    I’m late to the game but nice write-up on “Watchmen.” I, too, have no interest in seeing “The Black Freighter” spliced into the film. I will probably lose some nerd cred, but I didn’t even like “The Black Freighter” story in the graphic novel.

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