DVD Review #5: My Name is Bruce (2007)

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The famous, “Where’s my boooooze?” scene from Drunky Trunkerson: Monster Fighter.

This is a muddle of a movie. It’s not funny enough to be a comedy, but it’s not scary enough to be a horror movie. I mean, it’s rated R for “language and some violence.” SOME violence? There are a handful of good jokes here and a couple of forced references, but ironically Bruce made a movie about himself about as bad as all of his other movies. There’s real pacing problems in this, and that’s not a good thing at 84 minutes. The focus on characters and story and backstory is typical. But honestly, shallow movies are generally more entertaining. In a movie with no memorable scenes, and nothing that amusing between them, the story doesn’t mean shit. Look at UHF. Way too much focus on the cookie-cutter story. Look at Snakes on a Plane. The title says it all. There’s snakes on a plane… that’s too much plot!


The best part of the movie is “hooch for the pooch.” That was over the top. That’s what made the Evil Dead movies great. More of that would have been welcome, and cheap, and preferable to padding the movie with a pointless love story. Unlike what made Evil Dead great, there is little gore here. The first time you see Guan-Di chop somebody’s head off… great. The other seven times. Completely dull. Call me mad, but I think the budget would have been better spent on fake blood and gore rather than a useless “town” that serves as nothing more than an establishing shot. Most crap b-movies stay indoors, and I don’t quite see the logic of building a whole town just for three or so scenes where people talk outside. It’s scarcely believable as a town in the first place, but to do this just because they couldn’t shoot in an actual town that looks like this is just bizarre. Despite how cheap the movie is, you probably could have made three other horror movies with what the town cost, no matter how much of the wood was free.

In the end, any Bruce Campbell fan would be mildly amused by this romp. It looks pretty decent. The jokes are all in-jokes. But I’m not entirely sure why anyone would want to make this exact script, when it could be so much better. Bruce obviously doesn’t have the passion that Raimi used to have, even though Screaming Brain mimicked some of it.

Pretty standard Bruce Campbell commentary. Except he’s only in one speaker. The less interesting the movie is, the less interesting the commentary is. So it might not be more entertaining than the movie itself, but I still appreciate the value of someone with something to say. Whereas your boring scene in a movie is just a boring scene in a movie. This is not a hilarious track, because Bruce the Director is ever so serious about filmmaking. Equivalent to Man With The Screaming Brain at least.

It is often the case that cheesy movies can have special features that are better than the movie. That’s the rule here too.

The documentary “Hearts of Dorkness” is the main draw of the disc. It really is a parody of “Hearts of Darkness,” done brilliantly and thoroughly, right down to the fake Doors music and the ending with Bruce hacking away at a wooden fence.

There are other assorted features worth a view as well. All of the material is the same ilk as the documentary, all shot by the same guy.

The disc has more easter eggs than most DVDs have features. But most of them are less than a minute of goofing around, and nothing terribly interesting. As is sadly the case for easter eggs in general. Finding them is fun (there’s a secret, unhighlighted button that takes you to an entire page of easter eggs), but watching them is forgettable.

My main criticism is that they spend too much time on these features pretending that Bruce is an asshole. I know that’s part of the movie’s premise, but the joke just gets old after a while.

But for an ultra low budget movie, there’s more content here than a lot of mainstream releases. It’s on par with Man With The Screaming Brain, if not a little better.

Thankfully, there aren’t any deleted scenes. There probably weren’t ANY deleted scenes… like at all. In fact, they may have edited the whole thing in camera for all I know. It’s an 84 minute movie that needs tightening up. Any deleted material would be unbearable.

In a fake part of the documentary (or maybe it was an easter egg), the documentarian explains how the documentary will guaranteed be better than the movie, because all the humor on set was real, and everything in the movie was scripted. He was joking, but he was absolutely right.

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