DVD Review #6: Daredevil (Director’s Cut) (2003)

January 27, 2010 at 8:29 AM | Posted in Based on a Comic, DVD Reviews | Leave a comment

Kevin Smith asks the probing question, “You wanna get probed?”

This is one of the few comic book movies with an actual director’s cut. And it needed it. Based on what the featurette says, this seems to fix many of the problems people had with the theatrical version. I do like some of the pacing, and the dark nature. It’s more like the Crow than Spider-Man.


The downfall of this cut, however, is that it breaks the basic rules of plot structure. The turning point of the story does not fall in the midpoint of the movie. It’s about 20 minutes late. That may not sound important, but trust me, there’s an innate sense in the audience that knows something should happen halfway through the film. Here, that should be the death of Elektra’s father. Instead, you’re left hanging around waiting for something to happen. Now, I wouldn’t sacrifice the initial action scene. But I might tighten up the first half of the movie just a little bit, and come up with a different intro so that Daredevil returning to the church goes where it should, in the third act.

Now granted, you shouldn’t be able to tell where the middle of the film is if you don’t know how long it is. But this movie is 133 minutes long, which means the midway point is beyond an hour, and by that point, people are getting restless. If you want to hold attention during a long film, you need much more interesting scenes going on ALA Lord of the Rings. Scenes of Ben Affleck being sore and forlorn, and scenes involving court cases, are really not so attention-holding. If nothing important happens until 80 minutes in, it just feels wrong. And you could have spent that time watching an entire Friday the 13th movie.

That said, it’s a decent film, with a cut that’s admirably different than the original release.

Commentary by the director and The Producer Who Won’t Go Away. They tell you how everything here is better, the producer says both versions are great, and the director keeps quiet. Obviously, the theatrical version sucked.

Kids, have you practiced your Spanish? Today we’re going to learn what “nada” means. I keed. I keed. There’s one bloody featurette on this about this particular cut. Which is fine. The producers insist they released the right cut, and that’s the “real version,” etc. Well, producers are full of shit. But so are directors. None of these people ever admit failure. But the truth is that the ultimate cut of this is probably somewhere between the two versions.

If you like the movie, get both DVDs, because the other one is the one with all the bonus materials.


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