DVD Review #7: Shoot ‘Em Up (2007)

January 28, 2010 at 12:44 PM | Posted in Action, DVD Reviews | 1 Comment

Monica Bellucci never shoulda had sex with them robots.

Not much needs to be said about Shoot ‘Em Up except that it’s brilliant. It’s one of the funniest, most unpredictable action movies ever made. While Die Hard invented the modern action genre, it also invented all of its clichés. The only clichés in this film are a few lines spoken by one of the government agents (possibly an intentional satire), and some of the soundtrack choices (namely Motorhead’s overused “Ace of Spades”). Everything else is pure joy.


Clive Owen is the world’s new action hero. Expect to see at least another three-hundred movies where he wears a dark trenchcoat. Paul Giamatti (who incidentally, doesn’t seem much like a “Paul Giamatti,” if you know what I mean) plays a great oddball villain. Monica Bellucci still hasn’t mastered the English language, and reads her lines much in the same way that Jackie Chan does. She’s obviously here for eye candy, and yet she is strangely covered up even in the sex scene. There’s the requisite cleavage, but most of the time she’s running around holding a baby. The director is an insane Spielberg. One of our newest geniuses, who is currently remaking Outland, and I can’t wait. The only similar movie to this in recent years (and possibly ever) is Crank. And maybe Crank 2.

The only thing left worth mentioning is that this is another one of those movies that inexplicably has end titles that act exactly as opening titles, except the credits are in reverse order and the visuals tend to give away too much of the plot. I really do not understand this practice. Especially in this case, where the credits are done Bond-style. Even though I like how the actual title was presented at the film’s beginning, I can’t fathom the desire to make the title sequence into its own feature that only ends with the standard credit roll. This seems to happen frequently with action movies who want to start the action as soon as possible and not interrupt it.

Certain things are required for a good commentary, and this has most of them. It’s funny, it’s full of anecdotes, plenty of influences are revealed, unused ideas are described, etc. This is a director’s commentary worth a relisten.

The “making of” feature on Shoot ‘Em Up is an hour’s worth of featurettes, and it goes well behind the scenes rather than the standard interviews and overabundance of clips. An hour is all I ask. Less than that is insubstantial.

There’s only eight minutes of deleted/alternate scenes. A longer torture scene, done in a different visual style, and some brief little pieces of scenes. The only scene really worthy of being in the film is where Smith escapes the “babysitters” by shooting holes in a wall and climbing up it. It’s funny to think they bothered to cut eight minutes of tiny sections that slowed down the pace of the movie, as it’s difficult to imagine it making that much of a difference.

Also included is 15 minutes worth of animation of all the fight scenes, with commentary. It’s rough and sketchy, but it is neat to watch, if you can stand to watch it, even though the gist of it is in the documentary.

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