DVD Review #8: Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny (2006)

February 1, 2010 at 6:24 AM | Posted in Based on TV Series, Comedy, DVD Reviews | Leave a comment

Jack Black signs his first Hollywood contract.

The THC intro to this movie is probably the weirdest possible way to test your surround system. And I approve.


Here’s the thing about comedies. Every scene should be funny. Not just one dumb joke at the end of a lame scene that establishes a romance or a friendship. But the whole scene should be funny, even if it’s exposition, plot, or character based. And The Pick of Destiny does this. Thus, it is a well made comedy. The pacing is tight. Every scene has a point and a laugh. Everything told or shown is funny. The story about the history of the Pick is actually really interesting. And this is a rarity, but the movie isn’t gross or mean. That’s saying something today.

I also happen to think it’s pretty damn funny. It’s not quite epic. It’s certainly not The Blues Brothers. And the songs are mainly just silly. But it’s fun. It has a car chase and makes it original. And it adds to the actually quite long list of rock ‘n’ roll comedies, which is a good thing in my book.

So it rocks, from start to finish. What else do you want?

P.S. – stay after the credits.

Liam’s commentary is great. You will laugh at things he says! It’s OLLY!

The cast commentary isn’t as funny as you, or Liam, would probably imagine. They spend a lot of the time being serious, or pretending to be serious, or goofing around. But mostly commenting on the movie in a more observational way.

Of the 30 minutes of deleted stuff, the highlight is the unused musical number from a surplus store. Ultimately, the footage was cut for good reason.

You won’t find much “making” of the movie here, just your typical TV half hour, which must have aired on the cuss-a-lot network.

They also included 20 minutes of recording studio footage and a making-of for the music video.

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