DVD Review #13: Ghost Rider (2-Disc Extended Cut) (2007)

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The special effects budget for the film was admittedly pretty low.

I like this movie. I like movies. I don’t have a hell of a lot of patience sitting through them, as I’m supposed to be the “artistic type,” and out somewhere making stuff. But I like movies. I like cheesy movies. This is a cheesy movie. But it’s not a bad movie.


Peter Fonda aside, this is a decent adaptation. I’m not going to bitch and complain that Blackheart isn’t a cheesy CG effect or a big rubber monster suit. That would never work in a movie as a supervillain. It’s dumb. So, fine, not great villains. But it’s very Ghost Rider. They gave him his modern jacket. The bike is a bit meh, okay. Donal Logue isn’t funny. Eva Mendes is boring. But this movie doesn’t linger on these setbacks. So they’re not really setbacks.

It’s entertaining. It may be the only superhero role Nicolas Cage ever gets. It may be the only monster movie role he gets. My mom liked it. Screw you!

My main gripe is that they used “Ghost Riders in the Sky” as the theme, instead of the song “Ghost Rider” written by the band Suicide ABOUT the character. The Iron Man movie used “Iron Man” and that wasn’t even about Iron Man. The problem here is that the Rollins Band covered “Ghost Rider” for the soundtrack of the fucking CROW. THE CROW! What kind of moron would feature a song in a comic book movie about ANOTHER COMIC BOOK CHARACTER? I think that really hurt the Suicide song’s chances of being in this movie.

My secondary gripe is that the idiot Tim Story decided to have Johnny STORM (who blazes) do a motorcycle stunt in the Fantastic Four, which probably made the movie about Johnny BLAZE, who does motorcycle stunts, seem a little redundant. If this was a comic, Stan Lee would never have allowed such a similarity to happen. Screw you, Tim Story!

As far as the extended version of the movie, it’s longer than the other version. There’s a few non-effects scenes here and there. I’m not 100% sure what. The most worthwhile new scene is Blackheart kicking the shit out of Sam Elliott.

Another great commentary from director Mark Steven Johnson. Assuming you don’t hate his guts, that is. This time, he brings along one of the visual effects gurus. It’s not as regretful as the Daredevil director’s cut, and maybe not as interesting, but he does point out the new scenes and thankfully Avi Arad is not present with his opinions.

Don’t judge commentaries by their description. You might think, “producers… yawn,” but Gary Foster’s track starts out with a bang. They were thinking of setting the Columbia Pictures lady on fire and having her head turn into a skull. Yeah.

The documentaries on this are pretty good. The animatics are really quite good. The requisite “comic book featurette” might be one of my favorites. Certainly my favorite of the “bad Marvel movies.” It’s on par with the Punisher comic feature. Maybe I’m biased because I like these characters a little more than the big superheroes, and far more than the Fantastic Bore. Anyway, the docs are great. I enjoy seeing Nicolas Cage’s enthusiasm for over-the-top acting. Screw you!

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