DVD Review #22: Reno 911!: Miami (2007)

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Here’s the deal with this movie: I like it. So screw you if you don’t.


At 83 minutes, it’s a brisk, well paced comedy that doesn’t linger on sense or plot. It’s got everything the series has, and some tits it doesn’t. Did I say tits? I meant things. Some fans hated this movie. Some fans have hated everything since season two. I don’t know what their problem is. It’s silly, but it’s funny.

What I’m going to do is review all of the features available on all three versions released. The latest one I purchased is the rated version, but each DVD has completely exclusive and worthwhile extras. If you’re a fan, I’d recommend starting out with the rated version, because then everything on that one is new. Whereas the other versions are worth getting just for the extras.

There are minimal differences in the unrated version. It’s got a few extra shots and longer shots in the sex scene. Although, there is a rear shot in the rated version that I personally think is hotter than most of the “simulated sex.” And if you haven’t seen the film, don’t worry. It’s not what you think, and it’s funny. Just don’t watch either version with your parents. There are two additional close-ups of topless extras in the whale scene, but it’s barely significant. You can see said extras in the background in the rated version anyway. Some footage is added of the topless girl with a gun, and Dangle drawing strategies in the sand while Jones and Garcia take pictures of the topless woman (showing nothing more than in the rest of the scene). There’s an alternate angle of Garcia’s punch in the Jell-O wrestling scene, and some added material of the referee trying to help the woman get up, and you can hear Garcia crying in the background. So, more of the see-though shirt, but the clip is about comedy. This seems like a case of simply reinserting any unused material that included nudity, rather than anything to do with them being forced to cut this footage specifically. I mean, it was already rated R. But who knows. At least the unrated footage actually has nudity, unlike most “unrated” DVDs.

Every version has the director/writers commentary. It’s about the same as any Reno commentary.

The unrated version also includes two separate in-character commentaries. One with Dangle, Junior, Wiegel and Williams. The other with Garcia, Jones, Johnson and Kimball (yes, Kimball is in this movie). And again, they’re consistent with other in-character Reno commentaries, but four times longer.

Rated Version Extras:
The rated version has two sides, and this is very important. One side is widescreen. The other side is for morons. But there are different features on each side.

First of all, this version has an exclusive intro that plays during the main menu. The music that plays is also exclusive. And of course, so is the menu design, if we’re being anal. Additionally, each side has different background images.

“Fox Movie Channel Presents: Making a Spoof” (9:37) – This special, on the full screen side of the disc, features Chris Tallman pretending to be the film’s director, as well as new in-character interviews and improvised skits.

Alternate Ending: “The Rock Lives” (1:32) – This is a fake scene, which supposes that The Rock actually saves the day and the deputies go home.

Extended Scene: “Wiegel and Williams Watch TV” (1:32) – Some extra footage from the scene of Wiegel and Williams hanging around the Miami police station.

Extended Scene: “Convention Check-In” (7:31) – This is an extended take of Dangle and Junior trying to get their ID badges for the police convention, and repeatedly failing.

Extended Scene: “Drug Lord on Boat” (3:11) – Extended version of the nighttime “chicken” scene on the boat.

It should be noted that all the extra scenes have optional commentary. The convention check-in scene is the most noteworthy.

I couldn’t find any Easter eggs on the rated version.

Unrated Version Extras:
As with the rated version, the unrated version has a unique video intro during the main menu, and exclusive background music and menu designs.

Extended Scene: “Wiegel and Dangle in Hotel” (6:46) – Ridiculous extended take of Wiegel and Dangle failing to have sex, and Dangle trying to sneak out. (Features optional commentary.)

Extended Scene: “Whale on the Beach” (11:26) – Very long cut of the whale scene, with many many boobs. Or at least much of two. (Features optional commentary.)

Extended Scene: “Terry’s Jet” (3:39) – Multiple alternate takes where the cast gets on Terry’s Jet with his dad, featuring a lot of offscreen audio about who’s on the plane. (Features optional commentary.)

Extended Scene: “Cruise Ship Terminal” (1:24) – Brief extra scene from the terminal (the after-credits scene) of a girl who will not go through the metal detector. (Features optional commentary.)

Extended Scene: “Spoder’s House” (20:52) – Obscenely long scene taking place at Spoder’s house between Dangle, Junior, Spoder and his mom. This is utterly captivating improv.

Extended Scene: “Bus Ride” (23:40) – Disgustingly long version of the bus ride scene, full of insane improv and a few breaks in character and Ben telling the extras to be quiet. Think about it, they drove for 23 minutes straight. These two scenes are virtually two new episodes of the series.

PSA: “Shut the Fuck Up” (1:24) – Fake public service announcement made to air before other Fox movies as a promotion for the movie. This one features Wiegel telling Jones and Garcia to keep quiet during the movie.

PSA: “Shooting in the Theater” (1:00) – Williams tells Jones and Johnson not to shoot guns during the movie.

PSA: “Illegal Duplications” (1:08) – Dangle warns Junior and Kimball (yes, Kimball is in the movie) not to videotape X-Men 3.

PSA: “Some Fun Just Can’t Be Downloaded” (1:06) – Garcia frightens Jones and Kimball (yes, Kimball is in the movie) not to download movies.

“Fox Movie Channel Presents: World Premiere, Reno 911!: Miami” (5:08) – In-character interviews with the cast from the red carpet, as well as a minor fender bender upon the deputies arriving.

Easter Egg (1:33) – Right and up from scene selection 14 is a clip of Dangle and Junior chasing Jack Plotnik and shooting him.

More Busted Than Ever! Unrated Cut! Extras:
This has the same cut as the unrated edition DVD.

There is a very brief and slightly erroneous introduction to the “special edition” before the menu. As usual, exclusive menus. No new music though.

“Intro to the Lost Version” (2:43) – Dangle, Junior and Wiegel introduce “The Lost Version.”

“Reno 911!: Miami – The Lost Version” (69:37) – This is the main feature to get this DVD for. Not really a proper extended cut of the movie, this is a collection of unused scenes and alternate takes from the film which excises most of the actual plot already seen in the regular versions. It starts with an unused nude beach scene as an alternate dream sequence. More deputy interviews are included, as well as different briefing room material and footage of the trip to Miami (some of which is from the extended bus scene from the unrated DVD). Here’s a rundown of the other inclusions: a subplot about the department’s luggage being stolen, footage from the extended convention check-in, more hotel clips, new scenes with the Aspen sheriff’s department, the deputies around Miami, more of Travis and the Spring break dream girl, Kimball looking totally HOT in her hotel room, different Wiegel/Dangle hotel room material, new stuff from the quarantine area, the officers at the police station and trying to find their way around Miami, a scene at a foam bar, the full Cuban refugee scene with surprise ending, an alternate arrest scene with Terry, Dangle and Junior, more unseen interviews, harassing people at the cruise ship terminal including the postscript footage, an exciting chase sequence, Trudy getting a caricature done, Kimball arresting “the Bush twins,” the full Jack Plotnik pool scene with alternate ending that segues into the Spoder house scene, a shorter version of the extended boat scene, alternate lines during the drug lord’s escape, a new version of the convention rescue, the exclusive disclosure of Jones’ first name, additional wrap-up material, and a sort-of alternate ending. During the credits, there’s a remix song featuring Toby Huss dialogue from his desk clerk character.

Extended Scene: “Suge Knight” (4:36) – Uncut footage of Junior and Dangle driving up to Suge Knight’s house. (Features optional commentary.)

Extended Scene: “Junior Talks to Girl at Hotel” (1:51) – An alternate version of the Junior/Dreamgirl subplot where the girl invites him into her room, but Junior thinks he’s been rejected. (Features optional commentary.)

Extended Scene: “Bush Twins” (4:51) – Kimball’s other big scene deleted from the movie, a long version of the first part of the Lost Version’s Bush Twins scene. (Features optional commentary.)

Extended Scene: “Dangle and Junior in Alley” (1:37) – Basically the same scene as the Easter egg on the unrated DVD, but with optional commentary.

PSA: “Talking During the Movie” (0:42) – Jones tells black people to keep it down.

PSA: “Cell Phone Etiquette” (1:13) – Dangle yells at Johnson, Jones and the audience to turn their phones OFF.

PSA: “Join the Reno Sheriff’s Dept.” (1:20) – The gang tries to sign up anybody to the sheriff’s department.

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