DVD Review #9: X-Men 1.5 (2000)

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“Oh, sorry. I thought you were Halle Berry.”

X-Men is generally considered the movie that launched the comic book movie craze. Prior to this, only Batman and Superman had franchises, a few years apart. Some smaller properties popped up now and then, frequently not in the superhero genre. Once X-Men was a hit, it got Spider-Man the greenlight, and Daredevil followed, Batman began again, and DC decided it was time their long-attempted Superman project got off the ground.

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DVD Review #6: Daredevil (Director’s Cut) (2003)

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Kevin Smith asks the probing question, “You wanna get probed?”

This is one of the few comic book movies with an actual director’s cut. And it needed it. Based on what the featurette says, this seems to fix many of the problems people had with the theatrical version. I do like some of the pacing, and the dark nature. It’s more like the Crow than Spider-Man.

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DVD Reviews #1: Watchmen (Director’s Cut) (2009)

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Deleted Scene Man hypnotizes the audience into buying The Ultimate Cut.

I rented the theatrical cut of this last year, so I don’t remember what was different shot-for-shot. There’s no commentary on this, so that didn’t clue me in. But as far as I could tell, the main new stuff is Dr. Manhattan evaporating everyone in the TV studio before going to Mars, and that owl guy seeing it on the news (I’m so good with names), as well as more about the original owl guy’s fate. The majority of the new footage is not until halfway through this monster of a film.

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