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Well, I was going to rant about DeviantArt killing inspiration by showing you how many people are better than you… but then I got far more annoyed by the fact that I couldn’t find a login link to WordPress.

Like how insecure are you that your front page assumes everyone viewing it hasn’t signed up yet, but that nobody on Earth would need to log in? Don’t they make medications for this?

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I’m so sick of this. You try to be nice to someone from YouTube, but because they have thousands of followers, they don’t value your opinion. They say “I’m not famous,” but it still affects them because popularity no longer has any meaning to them. If they were in elementary school, their heads would explode from being that popular. But because it’s the “internet,” they start to take it for granted. And they probably don’t realize that it’s just like high school when you try to be friends with somebody, but they reject you because they have too many friends already.

Well you know what, none of your friends are me. And that is so tragedies.

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Fact: security updates for Microsoft programs DON’T DO ANYTHING. It’s like fuzzy dice for your rear-view mirror.

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I don’t want this to sound picky, but Amazon should probably retake their sixth grade math class. In regards to “Price: Low to High,” there is no sense to the arrangement of numbers. Some items have no price listed. Some are a hundred dollars. Some are ten. Neither the actual prices nor the list prices are arranged from low to high.

I have a proposal: make people pay extra for stupidity and incompetence. That way we can just opt out of it.

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Haha, I downgraded to Internet Explorer 7. Take that, MicroSUCK.

Feed me boofs naow.

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Where in the flipping hell are the RSS feed links for Dailybooth accounts? I HAVE a link to one, I just can’t find links anywhere on the site. I have no idea where I got it.

More importantly, who am I talking to? No one reads this.

Ignore this. Ignore this. Ignore me doing this.

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Why is there an “ignore” option on YouTube friend invitations? Isn’t ignoring just… ignoring it? What is the button for? I can ignore it without technology. Look, I’m doing it now. I’m worth billions of ones and zeros.

Lt. Dan’s Fuzzy Jam Band Dressing Room Wardrobe: A Post About Cutesy Titles And Their Overlong Descriptions (No Spoilers Permitted)

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I think cutesy-named sub-forums are really annoying. Like “Quark’s Bar: Discussion About The Various Foods Seen In Star Trek Past And Present.” It’s too complicated! Lives are too short! Just call it “Food Talk!”

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