Wizard Rock EP

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Did I really forget to mention this? Was it supposed to be a secret? If so, I forgot.

I’m working on a wizard rock EP. Actually working on it. For real. It has a cover and a changing track listing. It might NOT be an EP. It might be an album if I write any more songs for it. It just depends on the final running time.

The reason is that I can probably sell a wizard rock EP. I probably can’t sell a Trock EP. If I can sell enough wizard rock EPs, maybe I can sell a Trock EP. But if not, I will killing curse myself anyway, so nothing further would matter.

I don’t think I should say any more about it. OBLIVIATE!

On Re-theming

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I’m sure 0.253 people would notice this, but I deleted my Fringe video. It had over 10,000 views. I just didn’t care enough to keep it. It seems unlikely to me that anyone who watched it was in the market for a new Fringe theme, so I don’t know why they bothered. And I am 98.72% sure none of those people watched my other videos or subscribed. So… it was useless. 94.619% of the comments had some kind of disclaimer as to why they liked it. “It’s good, but…” the original is better, it would be better with real instruments, my brain is damaged, I listen to Paris Hilton’s album over and over, etc.

Originally I said I didn’t like the theme song and wrote this as a replacement, and so all the comments compared it to the original. And that was true. I thought the theme was early 90s fluff. It’s a little bit ominous towards the end, but it had nothing to do with the show. J.J. Abrams wrote it in the middle of the night, not inspired by Fringe at all. So it’s not by Michael Giacchino. It’s not inspired by the show. And IMO it’s devoid of emotion. So I wrote a theme inspired by the show and… somebody said it sounded very early 90s. *headdesk*

So I changed it, pretending it was a theme inspired by the show, not a replacement. Which was a lie. Because I don’t care who likes the original better. I wrote the theme for me, and for only anyone who doesn’t like the original theme at all. So if you like the original theme, you’re not the target audience.

See, most people don’t think about this, but music and film compliment each other in sublime ways. A terrible theme song played once a week, every week, during a show you really like, will become associated with the show in your mind, and eventually you will like it. Unless it’s the theme to Dollhouse, because that is freaking awful. But naturally, you can imagine I am hesistant to post a new Dollhouse theme, even though mine kicks all kinds of ass. And subsequently, people watching the video will hear and judge the song once, as I did the original when I wrote this. But by the time I made the video, people already had the original ingrained in their heads. And they would only watch this video once. Not enough time to like it. So it was ultimately pointless, because it couldn’t even reach the point of being heard every week. Except by me, in my head, when I watch the show.

And for the record, I feel the same way about the Hulk theme. But, that video doesn’t get many hits, because the Hulk does not have a weekly TV show. Elfman’s theme has been criticized by many as little more than a descending scale. And it’s really an okay theme… for Bruce Banner. But it’s completely unHulklike, and in fact there is no “Hulk Theme” in the movie. It works perfectly for an intellectual, psychological drama. So it suffers the same flaw as the movie. And the other Hulk movie has this arbitrary Eastern music theme, expressing nothing of the plot or the emotion of the characters or the story. It’s not even original, as there were elements of Eastern music in the first movie. So again, we didn’t get a HULK THEME. So I was watching the old TV series, and half-inspired by the DUN DUN DUN DUNNNNN briefly played during Hulk scenes, as opposed to the tinkly sad David Banner piano theme song, I wrote a freaking HULK SMASH theme. And I threw in a little bit of the heartbeat motif from the movie. Okay, the guitars sound a bit 90s Saturday morning cartoon, but face it, those things had better theme songs than most comic book movies.

And also for the record, I like the Spider-Man theme and the original Batman theme. The new Batman theme is percussive incidental dreck. And the only TV show theme I like is 24, and that’s only five notes long. So I guess the point is, rather than just complain, I write better theme songs. But since no one else can properly judge them, it’s a thankless task.

Time Lord Rock

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Well just call me H.T. McFailerson the Third. I started this blog for my musicalish projects, and I haven’t been making any posts about that.

So if you don’t know (whoever you are), I have a Time Lord Rock project called Time Agency that does songs about Doctor Who. There’s a track on the upcoming Trock On compilation, out August 6th. Which you can get on Amazon and, I dunno, somewhere else.

Because of that, I’m working on an album that people can give me money (or sex) for. It’s called Giant Robots and Other Nonsense. Since I have albums planned for each season of Doctor Who (just the new series, I’m not crazy), this album features songs about all of the specials, and also general songs not specific to any episode. I’m doing this album first so I can include “Giant Robot,” which is about the last Christmas special, “The Next Doctor.”

Currently, there are 14 songs planned. Seven about the various specials and non-television episodes, and seven general songs. Only three remain to be written at all. Originally I had planned to do a mini-album including remixes of “Giant Robot,” but with the overflow of songs, I have enough for a full album and there will probably just be a single new version of “Giant Robot.” If you want the old version, buy Trock On. I might do a few other versions as a “single,” but I’m too busy working on new stuff right now.

I already have an early version of what is possibly the album’s closing track, called “His Name Is The Doctor,” which sounds a little like early New Order or Echo and the Bunnymen, or other things I’m not aware of. Right now I’m working on “Space Pirates,” inspired by the cartoon episode, “The Infinite Quest.” The song is in the style of Kraftwerk, and rather than try to do a single pastiche, I’m doing a pastiche of the singles. The song will have multiple parts, each based on a different Kraftwerk song from their career, ending with a piratey accordion in space. (It may well be Kraftwerkian in length.)

The opening track is still up in the air. (This album, unlike the rest, does not have a fixed or chronological track order.) The idea was to have each album open with the “electronic scream,” leading into a (time lord) rocking song. Potentially that could work for any type of song as long as it’s a strong, upbeat track. “Regeneration” might be a contender, as the short demo already sounds amazing and absurdly professional. But I think a fast rock song would be more suitable. (The next album opens with reggae.)

Mind you, the album is not all going to be like “Giant Robot.” There’s rock, pop, post-punk, electronic, dance, weird, emo, and even a piano song. And yes, me singing. (Although “Giant Robot” is me singing.) If you like music, well… music will be on here.

You will be able to buy and enjoy this album even if you don’t already like Doctor Who (unless you hate it), just like you can buy a They Might Be Giants album even if you don’t already like particle men, puppet heads, chess piece faces, purple toupees, racist friends, evil twins, spiders, mammals, hypnotists, spies, dirt bikes, or James K. Polk. Okay? Make sense? Good.

No, I don’t have a release date planned. I don’t want to say anything, not even “soon,” because of how that worked out for Chameleon Circuit. Let’s just say I wouldn’t be surprised if the album cover alone takes a month, because I want it to be pretty epic since I can only do it once. (Barring unprecedented fame and a future special edition re-release.)

Trock on, pink weasels.

1, 2, Song-Fu!

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I wrote FIVE SONGS for this week’s challenge …so far. And call me a cheater, but the best one is the one I wrote before I read the challenge. (gasp!) Okay, back up the hate train, mister! (Wait, do trains back up?) The song I wrote I wrote sans instruments (with my… mouthbrain) specifically for Song Fu, because I was thinking about how I needed a much better song than the last two. Those were a bit slow, and not funny/cool/catchy/pop enough, whatever. So I wrote a song about how in Heaven, you get to watch all the Playboy Channel you watched as a teen, but unscrambled. That was the whole thing, pretty much. I changed the lyrics to something about Coke when I was getting a Coke. (Seriously, I actually do that. Like a lot. Welcome to me.)

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OOh, mundane!

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I uploaded a new mix of “The Wind.”

Deal With The Devil

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I was considering entering the MySpace Toyota Music, er, Rock the Space contest. Until I read the official rules, which state that the “Contest Entities” can use not only your song, but your name, likeness, voice, quotes, biographical information, and photograph for anything they want, FOREVER, without any restrictions. Really? I don’t know who the “Contest Entities” are. It could be Hitler. It could be the BNP. It could be Vogons. It could be SATAN. Or it could just be MySpace and Toyota. But they could apparently, legally, turn me into a cartoon mascot and use me or my song for “eternity” and I get nothing? NOOOOOOO. Not an acceptable contract there, snacky! Nobody makes Lex Vader a mascot except LEX VADER! I mean… it would give me a good reason to destroy Toyota and MySpace.

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There’s only one thing with less than four legs that can hear this rebel transmission, and that’s you.

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Music, now available for free download.

Please enjoy seven minutes and fifteen seconds of submitting your will to me.

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