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It’s weird how all the things in my life are connected right now. And when I say, “life,” I’m using the word ironically.

Like, I found out about Rifftrax from an unrelated forum I used to go to. I then started going to the Rifftrax forum. From there, I found out about Masters of Song Fu. Which Jonathan Coulton was in. I found out about Jonathan Coulton from G4, which I watch every day. JoCo and Paul & Storm SOMEHOW know Molly, who is a Nerdfighter, and joined Song Fu with Hank Green. I know about them from Vlogbrothers, which I know about because of Wizard Rock, which I started researching because of a project inspired by Rifftrax. And also Paul Gude follows Ken Plume on Twitter. More importantly, Vlogbrothers subscribe to my YouTube channel, which I know from me, whom I sleep with! Like what are the chances I would know myself? And when I say, “know,” I mean, “have sex with.”


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I rarely have thoughts longer than 140 English language characters. WEIRD, huh?


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I won’t ask who put a 4 gig avi file on my computer. I’m just going to turn the lights off and if whoever did it wants to be dead by the time I turn them back on, there will be no questions asked.

Hello world! You are doomed!

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Hello. I am Lex Vader, and I am going to take over the world. But you already know that because you’re my secret journal.

Lex Vader.

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