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I’m starting to wonder if the abundance of television is densensitizing me to cool concepts.

For example, this week’s premiere of Lie to Me featured a character with Disassociative Identity Disorder (the TV kind, but I digress). This should have been really interesting, but for the fact that a show about D.I.D. already debuted early this year.

In Fringe’s premiere, they had a guy who could use what I call “fringe tech” to change his face to look like other people. Again, this would be really neat if not for Sylar being able to do this on Heroes last season.

And on Smallville, we’ve always had the cocktease of being able to see him fly. But even before Heroes started making people fly every week, Smallville itself let Clark fly provisionally, as well as letting other characters fly. That climaxed in a pointlessly expensive CG flying shot of some Legion dude flying in last season’s finale. So if we ever see Clark fly, it won’t be fresh and awesome.

Which is to say nothing of shows ripping off their favorite movies, and movies ripping off other movies. Bruce Willis just came out with a movie about robots or something. Did anybody see it? I think even he was too busy.

Ballville (sic)

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Don’t get me wrong; I’m not a huge fan of testicles. But what happened to Smallville’s balls?

The show used to have a revolving door of hot chicks. Krista Allen. I can stop right there, really. KRISTA ALLEN was on the show. Looking hot. In an episode literally about hotness. And there were many others. Lately, it’s been a big sausagey meatfest. Last season, we had Tess and Maxima. But compared to Krista Allen, that’s the bottom of the barrel.

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CW Genius Meets Tragic End

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I very much admire the gentleman who devised a scheme to have the first primetime show on the CW network every night be the hip, extreme, awesome CW News featuring hip, extreme, awesome bands. It’s just a shame he couldn’t profit off his idea after his brakes and steering failed and he accidentally drove off that precarious, unguarded roadside cliff.

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